Red Door Magazine is an Arts & Culture publication founded in New York in 2009 and now based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We release the magazine as a limited edition printed magazine, as well as a digital free magazine. Learn more at reddoormagazine.com

Our theme for this upcoming edition is 'Augmented Democracies'.
Our themes are always open to far-fetched interpretations and are not limited to a narrow definition. Don't hold back, surprise us by submitting your finest work!

Please submit only once during each submission period.
Poetry entries can include up to 3 poems (up to 50 lines each) and up to 6 pages.
Please use 12-point, single-spaced, Times New Roman font.
Upload doc or docx documents only.
Include a cover letter with a short third-person bio (maximum 75 words).


Red Door Magazine, through its literary publisher Red Press and in collaboration with Kultivera, will publish a full book-length anthology of poems relating to nature, the environment, and the global ecological crisis we are facing.


In the book we will include artwork, photography, graphics, illustrations, or other visual media that will complement the powerful poetry therein presented. 



Amidst the environmental emergency being witnessed by our generation, the responsibility becomes clear of sourcing creative solutions and practices that will bring the human species in equilibrium with nature. One of our more fortunate roles as creators is to face this reality and use our talents to help spread these important messages.


In the name of biodiversity, climate action, sustainability, planetary health; in protest of soil degradation, species loss, ocean acidification, pollution, deforestation, and the life-threatening effects of climate change, we invite visual creators to speak up on behalf of the environment, nature and the planet in general. 




Please submit only once during each submission period. 


Entries can include up to 4 high-definition images in JPG or PNG. 


Max 10 MB per image. (we might request higher resolution if your entry is accepted)


Include a cover letter with a short third-person bio (no more than 3 sentences long).

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